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Business is booming at the Scottish Emporium in Moosetookalook, Maine, and Liss MacCrimmon Ruskin couldnt be happier--or busier. A romantic getaway at a rustic Christmas tree farm is just what she needs. But the propertys mysterious past has her feeling less than merry. . . Liss is surprised when an old friend from high school asks her to spend a week at the Christmas tree farm she recently inherited from a great-uncle. Realizing it would be the perfect chance for her and her husband Dan to get away from work, Liss happily accepts the offer and packs her bags for the tiny town of New Boston. Upon their arrival, Liss and Dan are greeted by a ramshackle farmhouse and unfriendly townsfolk. Its hardly the idyllic vacation locale theyd hoped for, especially when needling neighbors start raising questions about the farms dark history. Who was the man whose body was found neatly netted in a shipment of Scotch pine? Why did the owner vanish into thin air? And why are the trees growing so close together, forming a maze more twisted than a Celtic knot? The rumors pile up faster than snowdrifts in a blizzard, and as Liss starts un-wrapping the truth, she discovers something even more scandalous than murder hiding beneath the towns humdrum facade. When a series of accidents strikes the farm, shell have to spring into action faster than a Highland Fling to find the killer whos been lurking among the pines--before she ends up in a pine box herself. . . Praise for Kaitlyn Dunnett and her Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries! Vampires, Bones, And Treacle Scones Spooky. . .Cozy fans are in for a Halloween treat. --Publishers Weekly Bagpipes, Brides, And Homicides Fans of Scottish lore or bookstore mysteries like Lorna Barretts and Carolyn Harts will enjoy this one. --Booklist Scotched A satisfying entry in the series. --Booklist This well-plotted novel provides pure entertainment. --RT Book Reviews A Wee Christmas Homicide The blend of romance and cozy mystery will please lovers of all things Scottish. --Kirkus Reviews Scone Cold Dead Enjoyable. . .vivid descriptions of Maine during mud season and a quirky cast of characters lift this cozy. --Publishers Weekly Kilt Dead If you have an affinity for all things Scottish, this is the book for you. --Deadly Pleasures

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